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The digital world is not scary - let  Ayo , the founder & owner of Ayes Creative Learning show you.

Ayes Creative Learning (ACL) helps budding entrepreneurs with a business idea to finally get it into motion and build, grow and monetise their online business presence through social media.

ACL is for you, yes you who is having to wear all the hats, with no knowledge of digital marketing and lacking confidence with technology. If you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves to learn how to use online platforms to showcase your talent and genius because you’re sick and tired of helping someone else build their dreams, then you’re in the right place.

“Stop keeping your genius to yourself it’s selfish”(Click to tweet)

Our mission is to help you to Activate Your Entrepreneur Status through mentoring and online business and social media training and development. No hand holding happens here by the way we provide you with the know-how and then its ready for you to take action.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to start building your online business presence and no one should do it alone. You need a community of like-minded people who are there to support you along the way. This is why
Social Media Start-up Facebook community was created. It provides daily tips, weekly Social Media Sunday School training on topics suggested by group members and monthly free resources.

We offer business and social media strategy consultations, tips, tricks, digital resources including; blogs, courses, how-to video tutorials and action-based 5-day to 10 day challenges.

Who is Ayo?
Ayo Bamgbose is a Training and development specialist who spent 10 years within the beauty and well-being sector helping to educate and empower beauty and complementary professionals in Europe and Asia so that they can sell and promote their genius. With a degree in complementary health and masters in International Spa Management she has focused on implementing the knowledge obtained in strategic planning, marketing and operations of everything within her niche and creative industries.

Some call her a nerdy tech geek activists who is obsessed with getting everybody excited about the possibilities and opportunities out there in the digital space. She has spent the last three years taking her digital marketing, e-learning and graphic design and content creation skills, knowledge and packaged it into bitesize virtual training to help others learn what’s essential to master the online business world.

Her three years within the business world maybe short compared to others but her real talk, take action and stop wasting time on small talk teaching approach has endeared her to many. When her students connect with her they know it’s time to take action.

                                                                                                                                    Message from Ayo


You have the talent I'm simply here to help you get the results to making your business stand out from the crowd so that you can create a visible and vocal online presence.

  • We educate you to  understand how social media works and the online language  used so that you can be part of the conversation
  • We help you to identify and create content that inspires, excites and educates your clients
  • We don't just provide you with information that you can Google, I'm all about giving you actionable steps to help you closer to achieving your set goals. Check out our workshop challenges.
  • We don't hand hold instead I educate you so that you are equipped and empowered to smash your own  goals.​​​

“Stop waiting for someone else to rock your world, do it your damn self”(Agree? Click to tweet)