Happy Learners

Over the last 10 years I have spent within the beauty industry as an International Training Manager helping therapists and supervisors to promote and sell themselves as the go to expert. 
Since 2015  I have focused on mentoring and teaching budding entrepreneurs on how to build and grow their online business presence using social media. I deliver online training and provide onsite workshop presentations to small business owners and beauty and complementary graduates ready to build their digital foot print.

As a geek who loves learning I have used my digital marketing, website, e-learning and instructional design training and knowledge to help create my 4E’s frame work that helps start-ups new to social media to build, grow and monetise their business.

My in-person workshops incorporates interactive and relevant exercises that helps learners explore many of the major platforms and provides hands-on opportunities for building the strategic skills and mind-set to bolster your digital brand and boost your marketing reach.

 Workshops Titles:

  • How to Use Social Media to Start Growing Your Client Base – For Beauty and Complementary Health Students (2 hour onsite workshop).
  • Social Media Content and Creative Design Workshops (half day workshop)
  • How to Use Social Media to Start Establishing Your Expertise.

​If your interested in booking me in for a workshop to speak to your team or learners book in with me for a free consultation.